Why Update Your Business Insurance?

Let’s face it, your business changes almost every day.  You add new employees, equipment and vehicles, and you change and update in every way needed to remain competitive. To ensure your business is protected with the right business insurance, you need to structure your program to respond when needed.

These changes can impact your business risks, and you will need to adjust your business insurance accordingly:

  1. New employees can create additional workers’ compensation and benefits risks.
  2. The purchase of new vehicles adds auto liability exposure.
  3. Part time employees may increase employment, benefits and workers’ compensation risks.
  4. Have you relocated your business? Your location can affect your property insurance premiums.
  5. Have revenues changed? Your business liability insurance is based off of revenues, so any changes can impact your premiums.
  6. Do you offer any new goods or services? If so, we will want to review your policy to make sure your exposure is covered.
  7. If you have changed your company’s legal status or added new partners, your insurance needs will be different.

To ensure that you enjoy protection no matter how your business grows or shifts positions, be sure to check with your insurance agent if you make any changes.

This information is intended for the client, individual or entity to which it is addressed. These articles contain concepts and opinions, and are not intended to represent the consensus of the insurance or risk community, nor to provide professional legal or tax advice. Please seek professional legal or tax counsel before making any decisions. The information provided does not change or modify any insurance policy, only the actual terms of the in-force policies will govern claim settlements.

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