Insurance for Green Businesses

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Businesses across the country are seeing the advantages of having a green-friendly business.  Having environmentally friendly buildings and manufacturing processes can help sustain your business and build a positive reputation in the community.

Reasons to Consider a Green Business

  • Increases your business’s public image
  • Cost savings on insurance
  • Tax credits
  • Healthier workplace
  • Consumer demand
  • Can reduce waste and decrease costs

Most standard commercial insurance policies will offer to repair or replace damaged equipment with like kind and quality.  If your business wants to replace broken equipment with environmentally friendly material, your policy may have to be modified.

There are endorsements that can be added to your commercial property policy that addresses this issue.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, a green endorsement on your commercial property insurance will cover the higher cost of environmentally certified materials and equipment, even if your original property and equipment were not green certified.  It can also cover costs for green design and engineering, recycling, certification fees and other costs.

If your business has solar energy equipment or other green features, we recommend a complete insurance review. Roussel Insurance & Financial Services is a recognized leader in the insurance industry. We offer highly competitive insurance rates for both business owners and individual services. With 32 years of experience, we continue to offer our clients exceptional service.





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